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Customer management

A key ingredient for a successful business is excellent customer service. Leapa is designed to enable merchants to intuitively access, track and manage customers data by:

  • Managing user permissions and data access.
  • Managing customer accounts and payment information.
  • Retrieving customer transactions and performance metrics.
  • Verifying customer identity and payment legitimacy.


The dashboard gives merchants an overview of the business performance. From customers trends, products demand, retention, to recurring transactions, the dashboard provides metrics and data points for every aspect of your business.

  • Notifications and alerts of payments
  • Detailed reports on purchase history, paid and overdue invoices.
  • Total and periodic number of customers with their usage data.
  • Customer Insights through analyzed customer journeys.

In-store payments

With Leapa, a merchant doesn’t need any additional hardware to charge customers in-store. With your customer's card in hand, simply log into your Leapa account and initiate a charge directly on the virtual terminal.

Payment pages can also be used to present your store products to offline customers and guide them through the checkout process. As an additional benefit of establishing an online presence with these pages, your clients can still transact when your store is closed.

Alternatively, you could also generate invoices from your in-store sales and have your clients pay them once they access their supported credit or debit cards.

Transfer between accounts

Leapa powers payments for business models like marketplaces and software platforms as well. You have the option to easily transfer funds to other Leapa accounts and thus route payments from customers to appropriate merchant accounts, such as vendors, subcontractors or affiliate partners.