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Leapa Documentation

Welcome to the Leapa documentation where you’ll learn how to accept payments from your customers located anywhere in the world and build amazing payment experiences on your platforms.

Explore Leapa main features:

Get documentation and guides to walk you through your Leapa account and its functionalities as quickly as possible.

  • Account: Manage your account and access the dashboard.
  • Payments: Accept payments online and in-store.
  • Invoices: Manage your customer's invoices.
  • Customers: Manage your customers and their payment methods.

If you already have a website, mobile application or web application and would like to integrate with Leapa, you can visit:

  • Widgets integration guide page: We provide smart widgets to integrate into your website to make it easy to capture customer information and payment methods while meeting and reinforcing security standards.

  • API Reference: Get the extensive Leapa API documentation

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