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Create and manage invoices

From your account, Leapa gives you the ability to create invoices for your customers and receive their payments as fast as possible.

The invoice has the information about the product or service ordered, quantity, price and the identifiers of the customer who made an order.

From the application, you can manage invoices by clicking on the Invoices tab, and you will be able to:

  • Create an invoice
  • Update an invoice
  • Cancel (Void) an invoice
  • Delete an invoice
Add Invoice

To create an invoice:

  • Select a customer to send the invoice
  • Select the product bought, its quantity and the unit price will automatically be displayed.
  • Enter the description of the invoice
  • Choose a payment method by selecting the customers payment card or choose to send the invoice for manual payment. When manual payment is selected, you can set the due days for the invoice payment.
Invoice Preview

This is the invoice page of a paid invoice when the customer’s payment method is charged:

Invoice Paid Preview

It is important to understand the status of an invoice.

  1. Draft : This status is when an invoice has been created and not issued to the customer yet, in this status, an invoice can be edited at any time.

  2. Issued: This is when an invoice has been sent to the customer. At this status you can only cancel the invoice but not delete it.

  3. Paid: This status means the customer has paid the amount of the invoice. In this status, an invoice is not editable.

  4. Cancelled (Void): This is when an invoice is cancelled due to any business reason.You can only void an invoice that hasn’t been paid yet. You can see a cancelled invoice but not the customer.

  5. Deleted: As its name implies, this is when an invoice is deleted. Note that only invoices in draft status can be deleted.