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Website checklist

This checklist is to ensure that your e-commerce website conforms to the Scheme rules (VISA/Mastercard) as well as best practices in the industry.

Please see the below key features and use this as a guideline when developing your e-commerce site.

Describe the products you are selling; these can include a clear picture of the product, a detailed text about the product, the size, colour, and any other relevant details. This aims to set realistic expectations and avoid potential disputes in future. If you are running any promotions or sales be clear on the terms of the sale and pricing.

These include:

  • Refund policy- captures the refund procedure as well as the conditions.
  • Return/Exchange policy- Dictates the procedure for any exchange or return of an item purchased.
  • Cancellations policy- Covers what happens if there is a cancellation of a service booked.
  • Delivery and package protection policy- Covers the delivery fees and timelines.

It is of uttermost importance to display the currencies correctly on the website. In addition, at the point of payment(checkout) the amount to be paid must be clearly stated and any other charges (if any) clearly indicated.

Ensure that the website has verifiable contact information i.e., a phone number and a valid email address. Through which your customers can reach you for any questions.

This is extremely important for verification purposes by the customers as well as other partners. Helps build confidence in your customers. So, ensure that the website has a physical location of the business.

Please implement https on your website. This helps protect the integrity of the customer data as well as payment information.

Clearly publish the privacy policy on the website that touches on the consumer information and is in line with the GDPR.

Please display the logos of the payment methods accepted on the site.