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WooCommerce Leapa Plugin

If you're working with WordPress, and you are willing to integrate Leapa into your website, you need to go through the source code and add the Leapa widget. That works fine, but it's not a straightforward process because it requires a little bit of work to get done.

Luckily at Leapa, we don't only care about the user experience of your customers. We do also care about the developer experience who's working on your platforms.

It's in that vision we created Leapa woo-commerce plugin, to make the integration of Leapa into your WordPress website as smooth as possible.


Navigate to your WordPress admin panel, click on plugins, and in the search field type Leapa. You should see Leapa in the first search results and click on activate.

Install Woocommerce plugin


Once the installation completes, navigate to the WooCommerce setting, Payments tab, and there you should be able to see Leapa Payments in the Payment methods. Go ahead and enable it.

WooCommerce payment methods

While on that page, you can see the manage button on the right end of the same row. Click on it, and you should be able to see a page that looks like the screenshot below. Go ahead and configure the Leapa widget properties.

Configure Leapa widget properties
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