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Manage your customers

Leapa gives your business the ability to manage your customers right in the application. A double gain for your business, not only you can accept payments but you have a customer relationship management service with Leapa.

By accepting a payment from a new customer, the customer is created as your customer in the application and will appear in the customer's table with the basic information entered while capturing the payment.

From the application, you can click on the Customers tab to manage your customers, among other operations you can:

  • Update the customer’s information
  • Create a customer
  • Deactivate a customer
  • Add and update their payment method, including the expiry dates of cards.

To add a new customer, click on Add New Customer, the following window will be displayed and fill in the required information.

Add customers

Adding a customer has 3 main parts; the personal details of the customer, their address, and their payment method. Fill in the information as follow:

  • Personal details: first name, last name, email,phone number, date of birth.

  • Address: enter civic number and street name on Address line 1, zip or postal code, city, State/Province and Country.

After completing all required fields, click on the Add Customer button.

After creating a customer, you will need to add a payment method. Click on Add Card and enter your card number, expiry date, its CVC number, and Statement descriptor.

A list of all customers is displayed. On this list, you can select a customer and edit his information by clicking on the pen icon. You can also view a customer’s information by clicking on the row in the table.

Customer details